7 Common Window Treatment Myths

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As with just about any product, there are myths that circulate around that just aren’t true. Sometimes these things keep being repeated, and then people actually believe them to be true. It can be from the care of window treatment products to the pricing structures, styles, or any other items. Read on to find out which of these items that are often heard is actually a myth and not true.

Window Treatment Myths # 1


• Window treatments are all the same.


Window treatments are definitely not all the same. Some are more durable than others and have many more styles and features from which to choose than others. One of the reasons that there are so many different types and styles of window treatments is that depending on the room of your home, you may need different qualities. Bedrooms work best to be dark to promote peaceful sleep, especially for young children who nap during the daytime. Cordless and motorized options on window treatments are a great idea for child safety to keep them from harm.


Window Treatment Myths # 2


• Motorization is very expensive.


As with all new technological advancements, when they first arrive on the market, they are generally manufactured by one company, and they seem very expensive at the time. When competitors in the same market begin to manufacture the same type of item but add some extras to it, the prices begin to fall because of marketing statistics or the rule of supply and demand. Motorized window treatments are the same scenario. Over the past years, as there has been more competition in the market, the prices have fallen. Hunter Douglas PowerView is a leader in the market for motorized custom window treatments of all types, such as window shades, blinds, and drapery in many different styles.

motorized window treatments

Window Treatment Myths # 3


• Blinds are difficult to clean and maintain.


Horizontal Tucson window blinds do attract dust particles on them because they settle on the horizontal vanes of the blinds, and they need to be cleaned. Blinds are quite easy to clean though, with just a swipe of a blind cleaning tool that cleans several vanes at once. The more modern versions of horizontal blinds have a choice of wider vanes–meaning there are fewer to get dusty and need cleaning on each window. You can also choose vertical blinds that do not attract dust as quickly.


Window Treatment Myths # 4


• Installing window treatments all by yourself is simple.


DIY homeowners can install different types of window treatments by themselves or themselves if they calculate their moves in advance and make sure they have the correct size window treatments. Deciding where to hang the hardware and getting the two sides even with each other is actually the most difficult step, which is solved by using a measuring tape to make sure the brackets align horizontally with each other. You can mount most types of window treatments inside or outside of the window frame, depending on your preferences, although blinds and shades are usually inside-mount window treatments.


Window Treatment Myths # 5


• Window treatments will make my home too dark.


You have a huge amount of different Tucson window treatments on the market today from which to choose with each having different lighting control capabilities and privacy levels too. Tilting the vanes on window shades or the louvers on shutters gives you filtered light in your windows. Blinds and shades can be partially raised for the same principles, and you can instead choose sheer and flowing lacey fabrics for light filtering capabilities even when they are closed. This is the beauty of custom window treatments–being able to make all the choices in your styles.


Window Treatment Myths # 6


• Window coverings will block my views.


When the vanes or louvers on your blinds or shutters are tilted open, you get a view of the outside world that is not blocked completely. Many times you may have a fantastic view of a fountain or flower gardens in your landscape that you want to be able to see, but not let all the heat and glare inside your windows. The wider your vanes and louvers are, the fewer that are required to cover a window, and this gives you more unobstructed views when they are tilted open, with indoor plantation shutters having the widest louvers and the best views.


Window Treatment Myths # 7


• Window shades are difficult to operate.


Window shades are very simple to operate. The older models work with a string or a continuous loop to pull in order to raise and lower them and stop at any area to partially open them. Newer models always open evenly and look pristine when partially open. The cordless models require you to merely grasp the bottom rail of the shades and gently lift or lower it to the position you want. If you really want convenience, you can choose to have your window shades motorized and press a button for operation.

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