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All window blinds, shutters, and shades have always afforded some degree of energy efficiency just because they block the sun’s rays, which has always been especially important here in the Sonoran Desert. But modern window coverings are constructed with unique materials and offer new design features that add an extra layer of insulation to keep your cool air inside your home, at the spots where most of your cool air escapes: your windows.

Without energy-efficient window treatments, as much as 50% of your home’s heating and cooling energy can be lost through your windows. Plus, most energy-efficient window coverings are smart home compatible, leading to greater convenience with modern motorized and automated control capabilities for window blinds and shades to optimize energy efficiency by making it easy to automatically lower blinds and shades during the hottest part of the day. And in addition, energy-efficient window coverings capitalize on natural lighting in your home, reducing the energy you spend lighting your home, and energy-efficient blinds and shades are kid and pet-friendly.

The experienced team of designers and installers at Desert Window Wear knows all about energy-efficient window treatments and can help you save on power costs in many ways.

Advanced Blackout Technology

Desert Window Wear features blinds and shutters from many different manufacturers, including the popular Hunter Douglas line, which offers various room darkening fabrics and liners that allow you to completely control the light coming into your home. Top-of-the-line light blocking technology not only gives you greater privacy, but it also helps keep your home warm or cool, depending on your needs, and with the extreme temperatures in the Sonoran desert, that’s especially helpful.

Modern Construction Materials

Polycore plantation shutters, constructed with hollow metal cores, offer much more energy-saving insulation than wood and composite shutters, but all offer some degree of insulation and protection from the sun. High-tech fabrics are used in energy-efficient shades and blinds and are engineered to block out a significant percentage of harmful UV rays. Window coverings featuring these materials will aid in climate control, helping your heating and cooling system efficiently and consistently maintain comfortable room temperatures.

Innovative Insulation Designs

Energy-efficient window coverings are specially engineered not only for beauty and customization but to keep your home at the exact temperature you want during any part of the day or night. Like honeycomb and cellular shades, these designs trap air, provide additional insulation, and keep the temperature consistent inside your home and unaffected by the extreme temperatures outside. Energy-efficient window coverings are designed to control solar heat and UV rays during the summer and allow warmth into your home in the winter.

Smart Home Automation

Smart home compatible blinds and shades allow you to program different settings for different seasons, parts of the day, weekends, vacations, and more. Many of these systems will learn your habits and adapt to adjust automatically based on your family’s schedule, the temperature in your home, and more. You can program your blinds or shades to close over the windows that get direct sunlight during the day but let natural light shine through other windows in a less direct path of the sun. At night, program your coverings to open at sunset to reveal your views of the beautiful Arizona desert night sky.

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