Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas

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You have a lot of different considerations when choosing window treatments for your bathrooms. It also depends on where your bathroom is in your home and which way the windows face too. You want window coverings that are highly functional to coordinate with your bathroom decor and color palette, and you also crave a style that is beautiful as well.


What are The Best Window Treatments for a Bathroom?


Faux Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are absolutely beautiful in any window of your home. However, hardwood is all natural and it won’t hold up to the heat and humidity in a bathroom. Faux wood blinds were actually first manufactured to withstand temperature changes, heat, and humidity. They look identical to hardwood blinds, but they are treated to resist cracking, breaking, bending, and discoloring. You can also choose your finish from a huge variety of stains or paint in any shade you wish to tie in with your bathroom decor.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are quite elegant and beautiful in a bathroom window. You can choose a fabric with a bright pop of color to brighten up your bathroom. Choose a rather thick fabric for privacy reasons and you can also choose from several different styles of Roman shades, such as the flat style that only shows folds when it is opened, or the soft fold style that shows uniform horizontal folds both when it’s opened and closed. Since Roman shades are made of fabric you have almost unlimited choices in colors and patterns to suit your style.

Woven Wood Blinds

Consider woven wood blinds for a touch of natural beauty in your bathroom. These blinds are made of bamboo and other natural grasses that are woven together into a flat sheet. These blinds work as roller blinds, so when you open them the flat sheet of material winds up onto a cassette at the top of the window. Woven woods are considered a casual style of window covering, but you can really dress them up by adding a beautiful fabric valance at the top that covers the cassette in a pattern that coordinates with your bathroom decor.

Custom Drapery

Don’t be afraid to use custom drapery in your bathroom windows. It gives you a sense of old-fashioned beauty, which is especially endearing for a bathroom with a freestanding bathtub. If your bathroom doesn’t face any neighbors or the street or if it’s on the second floor and privacy isn’t an issue, you can use beautiful sheer drapery panels to beautify your space. Sheer panels give a calming sensation to any space so you can relax in style. If privacy is a concern, you can choose a thicker fabric that no one can see through. The number of fabrics and styles from which to choose in beautiful colors and patterns will allow you to create custom draperies in a style that shows your personality.

Composite Shutters

Shutters can be astounding in a bathroom window, especially if your window is a specialty shape of any sort. Shutters highlight the architectural design of your windows, to make them a focal point in your bathroom. You may choose to use cafe shutters, which only cover the bottom half of your bathroom window and let natural light in at the top. If you need more privacy, choose the tier-on-tier orientation or full shutters to cover the entire bathroom windows. Composite shutters are treated to withstand the heat and humidity in your bathroom just as the faux wood blinds do. You can also choose your favorite color or shade of stain for custom shutters.

composite shutters

Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas – What To Consider

  • Complete Privacy

The best way to see how much privacy you need in your bathroom windows is to go outside your home when it’s dark and look at your bathroom window with the lights on. You may need more or less privacy than you think you do.

  • Light Inflow

Bathroom window treatments need to be versatile so you can let natural lighting inside during the day and avoid the use of electricity for lighting up your bathroom. Natural light makes any space brighter, and it seems to be larger, naturally.

  • Maintenance

Bathroom window covering solutions should be low maintenance, so you don’t need to fuss with them to keep them clean. Hard window treatments are easy to keep clean with the swipe of a duster. If you decide to use drapery in your bathroom, choose an easy-care fabric that you can clean at home in your washer, rather than needing to dry clean them.

  • Style and Design

Bathroom window treatments need to be very functional and give you light and privacy control, but you don’t need to give up a beautiful style or design. With custom window treatments, you can create any type of window covering that you desire and add softness to your spaces.


You have many different choices in your Tucson window treatments for your bathrooms, such as blinds, shades, drapery, and shutters. At Desert Window Wear, our expert team has been dressing windows in the Tucson area for over 35 years. Contact us today for a FREE in-home consultation with one of our highly experienced designers so we can create beautiful bathroom windows together!

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