What Are Cellular Shades? An Introduction to Your Window Solution

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Cellular shades deserve strong consideration if you want to upgrade your home’s windows. Keep reading to learn what cellular shades are and why they might be the ideal window solution for your needs.

A Unique Honeycomb Design for Enhanced Performance

what are cellular shades

Cellular or honeycomb shades get their name from their unique construction. Horizontal fabric folds create a honeycomb-like structure that resembles the cells of a beehive. This cellular design sets cellular shades apart from other window treatments like blinds and curtains.

The honeycomb structure is created by attaching two or more layers of fabric together to form air pockets or “cells.” The cells provide insulation, light filtering, and sound dampening that other shades simply can’t match. Cellular shades offer distinctive benefits compared to other options on the market.

The small air pockets within the cells create thermal insulation. This helps keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer by reducing heat transfer through the windows. The cells also provide excellent light filtering capabilities. Cellular shades come in various opacities to control the amount of light entering a room.

Additional Benefits: Durability, Safety, and Versatility

Beyond insulation and light filtering, cellular shades offer additional benefits that make them a versatile, safe, and durable choice:


Cellular shades are designed to last. They are constructed from quality woven fabrics like polyester and vinyl, resistant to daily wear and tear. The unique cellular structure also lends extra strength and rigidity to the shades. This durability makes cellular shades ideal for households with pets and children.


Many cellular shades now come with cordless lifting systems that eliminate hazardous dangling cords. For models with cords, additional safety features like cord cleats and tension devices keep cords taut and out of reach of children. These child-safe enhancements give peace of mind to homes and spaces with children.


Cellular shades come in seemingly endless options for sizes, shapes, colors, and features. Choose from rounded, triangular, skylight, and other specialty shapes. Customize the exact height and width for a perfect fit. Select top-down/bottom-up styles for flexibility. Add motorization or remote control operation for convenience. With so many possibilities, finding the perfect shades for your needs is easy.

Ideal for Insulation, Light Filtering, and Aesthetics

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Given their honeycomb structure and an array of benefits, cellular shades excel in key areas that homeowners demand from their window treatments:


The small honeycomb cells form a thermal barrier that reduces heat transfer through your windows. This improves insulation, saving energy and a more comfortable home climate. Cellular shades help windows achieve a higher R-value, a measure of thermal resistance.

Light Filtering

Cellular shades use the honeycomb structure to their advantage when controlling light. The shade’s layered construction diffuses and blocks light beautifully—sheer, transparent fabrics allow soft, filtered light for illumination with privacy. Denser blackout fabrics can block out nearly all light in bedrooms and home theaters.


With their clean, structured look, cellular shades complement contemporary and modern décor nicely. The shades come in every color imaginable to match your home’s style. The soft folds add depth and visual interest, too. You can find subtle patterns and textures for added beauty.

Noise Reduction

The honeycomb cells absorb sound waves rather than reflecting them. This dampens noise from outside, helping create a quieter indoor space. The denser the cell structure, the better the sound insulation.

Cellular Shade Materials and Styles

When purchasing cellular shades, you’ll have plenty of options to get your home’s perfect fit, function, and décor. Some top materials include:

Polyester – Polyester cellular shades are affordable while still providing good insulation. Polyester is a lightweight yet durable material for households with kids and pets. The fabric is available in various opaque and semi-opaque weaves that filter light beautifully.

Vinyl – Vinyl is an excellent cellular shade material for added durability and insulation. Vinyl stands up well to moisture, odors, and mildew. It also provides excellent noise reduction. With a wider range of opaque color options, vinyl also offers superior light blocking.

Cotton – 100% cotton cellular shades provide a natural, breathable feel and elegant aesthetic. The soft, textured fabric comes in translucent sheers, perfect for softening harsh light. Cotton also naturally absorbs sound and repels moisture.

Linen – Like cotton, linen makes breathable and moisture-resistant cellular shades. The textured, woven fabric diffuses light beautifully. With neutral tones and varied opacities, linen brings subtle style.


Here are some of the most popular cellular shade styles:

  • Light Filtering – These translucent shades let in natural light while providing privacy. They come in multiple sheer fabrics and colors for soft illumination.
  • Room Darkening – Darker opaque fabrics ensure most light is blocked while allowing you to control the exact amount entering a room.
  • Blackout – Choose blackout cellular shades for maximum light blockage and nighttime privacy. Popular for bedrooms and media rooms.
  • Top-Down/Bottom-Up – Adjust the top and bottom shades separately with two movable shades in one. This allows flexibility for light control and privacy.
  • Cordless – Cordless cellular shades lift up and down via a spring mechanism for a clean look without dangling cords. This enhances child safety.
  • Remote Control – Add convenience with motorized cellular shades controlled by a remote control or voice activation.


Frequently Asked Questions About Cellular Shades

Vacuum gently using a brush or dusting attachment. Spot clean stains on the fabric lightly with a damp cloth, mild detergent, and gentle circular motions. Allow to fully dry before rehanging.

Most cellular shades use brackets or tension-mounted spring rods for installation above or inside the window frame. The shades easily slide into place after the hardware is secured.

Yes, cellular shades are very energy efficient. The small air pockets within the honeycomb structure provide outstanding insulation. This reduces heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer for energy savings.

Cellular shades are very versatile. Many manufacturers make them in custom shapes and sizes to fit skylights, arched, round, and other uniquely shaped openings.

Give Your Windows a Fresh New Look

Cellular shades are an excellent option to consider if you’re ready to transform the look and function of your windows. With outstanding insulation, light filtering capabilities, child safety features, and endless customization options, cellular shades check off all the boxes for the ideal window solution.

Contact the experts at Desert Window Wear today to find the perfect cellular shades for your home’s unique needs. Our team is happy to provide recommendations, free design consultations, exact measurements, and professional installation services. We carry all the top brands and styles to create a beautiful window treatment design that matches your personal taste and style.

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