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cellular shades
cellular shades

Cellular in Tucson

Honeycomb shades are often referred to as cellular shades. They are a very popular choice in window treatments in Tucson for their superb energy efficiency.

Honeycomb shades are modern in appearance and unique in their design. There are small cells that are in between two pieces of fabric. The cells trap hot air in the summer next to your windows and don’t allow it in your home. This results in the use of less energy to keep your home cool in the summer months. The same is true in the winter months when the cold air is trapped next to your windows, so you save on your energy costs all year round.

Cellular shades can be operated manually, cordless, or they may be motorized and operated with a remote control, your Smartphone, or your home automation system of Alexa or Google Assistant by voice commands. This type of shade is also great for complete privacy when you choose thicker fabrics. If instead, you are looking for a light filtering window shade, you can choose a sheer fabric, so it lets some light in when the shade is closed.

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Why Choose Honeycomb Shades In Tucson From Desert Window Wear?

We offer FREE in-home or in-business consultations with a highly experienced designer to help you choose the best window covering solutions for you. We carry top brands like Hunter Douglas, Alta, and Norman cellular shades. We take the showroom to you for honeycomb shades in Tucson, so you can actually see and feel the samples and know exactly what your finished products will look like. We offer competitive pricing on the highest quality products on the market today, and we’ve been your premier window treatment company in Tucson, Arizona since 1987.

Honeycomb/Cellular Shades Features

Many Fabric Options

Custom honeycomb or cellular shades give you literally thousands of options because they are made from fabric. You can choose the type of fabric along with a solid color, a geometrical pattern, or an intricate pattern in bright colors.

Hemline Options and Trim

The bottom hem of your Tucson window shades can also be scalloped to give it more depth and character. You can add any type of fabric trim on a solid color to spruce up your windows and give them a pop of interesting color.

Top-Down, Bottom-Up

This type of window covering solution can be mounted in the top-down, bottom-up orientation. The top half of the window treatment opens by pulling it down to the center of the window. The bottom half of the shade opens upward to the center of the window. This allows you to leave one-half of the window open to see outside while leaving the other half shut. Or when both halves are open, you have a great unobstructed view of the outside world.

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