5 Reasons Why Duette® Cellular Shades Are a Smart Choice for Your Home

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Hunter Douglas Duette® cellular shades are one of the most popular and versatile window treatments on the market today. With their innovative honeycomb structure and variety of fabrics and styles, these shades offer year-round comfort, energy efficiency, light control, and stylish design for any home. Here are five key reasons to consider Duette cellular shades for your next window fashion upgrade:

Enhance Energy Efficiency and Climate Control

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The unique cellular construction of Duette shades creates air pockets that provide excellent insulation for your windows. This helps reduce heat loss in winter and block solar heat gain in summer, allowing for temperature control and energy savings all year long. Duette shades can lower energy bills by up to 30%!

Filter Light and Ensure Privacy

Duette shades feature two layers of fabric with various opacities that filter and diffuse incoming light. This gives you customized light control for any room, while also providing privacy day or night when the shades are closed. The shades are especially effective at blocking UV rays, which helps protect your furnishings from fading.

Absorb Sound for Peace and Quiet

The honeycomb structure of Duette cellular shades absorbs sound beautifully. This enhances noise reduction from outside your home, as well as minimizing echo within rooms. With sound absorption up to twice that of ordinary roller shades, Duette shades promote peaceful, quiet interiors.

Offer Superior Style and Design Options

Duette shades are available in a wide variety of on-trend colors and patterns that make coordinating with your existing décor easy. Specialty shapes like arches, circles, and triangles allow the shades to fit perfectly on any window. With durable aluminum head rails and bottom rails as well as beautiful fabrics like linen, silk, and velvet, Duette shades lend elegance and sophistication to any room.

Promote Convenience and Customization

Duette cellular shades feature a user-friendly design for easy raising, lowering, and tilting. Motorization and smart home integration are also available for convenience and automation. Each shade is made to measure based on your exact window specifications for the perfect custom fit. With the variety of fabrics, colors, and options for operating your shades, you can easily achieve your ideal interior aesthetic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Duette shades stand apart with their superior insulation, sound absorption, UV protection, variety of specialty shapes and fabrics, and ease of operation with cordless lifting or motorization options. They bring together exceptional function and fashion.

Yes, Duette shades are highly customizable and can be tailored to fit a variety of window sizes and shapes, including specialty shapes.

These shades are designed for easy maintenance. They can be dusted with a soft cloth or vacuumed with a brush attachment. For deeper cleaning, they can be spot-cleaned with a mild detergent.

Elevating Home Comfort with Duette Shades: Your Next Step

Duette cellular shades are a smart home improvement. They offer energy savings and adjustable lighting, as well as visual privacy and beautiful design, and they can tick each of the boxes. The versatility of these shades makes Duette shade fixtures as beautiful in their design as they are practical.

If you live near Tucson, Arizona, and want to upgrade your home with these versatile honeycomb shades, the team at Desert Window Wear can definitely help make that happen! Our experts will work with you one-on-one to choose the perfect custom Duette shades to match your personal vision and home needs. Give us a call when you’re ready to enhance your space – we look forward to helping guide you to shades you’ll love!

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