Fabric Roman Shades: How to Choose Colors and Patterns

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Roman shades are a popular and stylish window treatment that can add beauty and functionality to any room. With so many fabric options available, selecting the perfect colors, patterns, and textures for your Roman shades can be tricky. This guide will help you choose fabric Roman shades to match your style and décor.

Coordinating Fabric with Room Colors and Theme

Coordinating Fabric with Room Colors and Theme

When selecting fabric for custom Roman shades, start by considering the room’s overall color scheme and theme. Matching or contrasting the dominant colors and patterns is key.

Match or Contrast Dominant Colors

Choose a fabric with similar hues to create a cohesive flow if your walls or furniture are bold, saturated colors. Soft, neutral patterns can also complement strong wall colors without competing.

On the flip side, vivid Roman shade fabrics pop against more subtle backdrops. Contrasting colors make the shades a focal point. Just ensure the palette aligns with the room’s style.

Reflect the Room’s Style with Appropriate Patterns

Traditional rooms look best with classic stripes, plaids, and florals in Roman shades. For modern spaces, opt for graphic prints or solid-color shades. Cottage-chic rooms can handle busier patterns like paisleys and large florals.

When using patterns, match the scale to the wall colors. Small-scale patterns pair well with subtle wall colors, and large-scale prints match bold paints for visual balance.

Additional Fabric Characteristics to Consider

Beyond color and pattern, fabric characteristics impact the form and function of custom Roman shades. Carefully consider texture, durability, and insulating properties.

Texture Creates Visual Interest

Subtle textural fabrics like seersucker can filter light beautifully. Bolder options like burlap make a statement while also blocking light. Combine textures using a striped front with a solid back lining for the best of both worlds.

Durability Matters with Sun and Moisture Exposure

Sun-drenched rooms and bathrooms with moisture call for Roman shades made from durable synthetics like polyester and Olefin. More delicate natural fibers like linen work better in low-light indoor areas away from moisture.

Insulating Fabrics Conserve Energy

Blackout lining blocks light and insulates windows while still letting shades maintain outside visibility. Similarly, thermal fabrics like flannel help conserve energy by providing insulation.

3 Key Questions to Ask About Fabric Roman Shades

The fabric colors and patterns should coordinate with the room’s color scheme. Patterns should match the overall style, whether traditional, modern, or cottage

Carefully evaluate the room conditions. Synthetic fabrics stand up well to sunlight and moisture. Natural fibers work better in controlled indoor environments.

Texture impacts both aesthetics and function. Sheers beautifully filter light while still allowing outside visibility. Blackout linings or bold textures provide privacy and block light as needed.

Achieve the Perfect Custom Roman Shades

With the appropriate fabric selection, Roman shades can elevate your home’s style while providing privacy and light control. Here are some final tips for achieving the perfect custom Roman shades:

  • Order swatches to view fabrics in person before purchasing.
  • Check that colored fabrics complement your walls and décor.
  • Select durable, moisture-resistant fabrics for bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Add blackout lining in bedrooms and media rooms.
  • Choose a double-sided fabric if you want different looks from inside and out.

Adding a Pop of Playful Colors and Patterns To Your Space

Choosing the right fabric is key to designing beautiful, functional Roman shades. Consider the room’s color scheme and style to select complementary patterns, textures, and durability. Fabric Roman shades elevate your décor with color and visual interest, and provide privacy and insulation when needed. With thoughtful planning and customization, Roman shades in the ideal fabrics can enhance any space.

Desert Window Wear offers customized Roman shades in various colors, patterns, and textures to match your unique décor. Contact us today for a free consultation! We will help you choose the perfect fabrics and design stunning Roman shades for your home.

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