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Stunning Custom-Made Faux Wood Blinds in Tucson

Custom-made faux wood blinds have the timeless and classic beauty of a hardwood blind, and they don’t age as wood blinds do. Faux wood blinds can be made of a combination of wood and vinyl or composite materials that are man-made. Tucson faux wood blinds are lighter in weight than hardwood blinds, so they last longer without the additional stress of weight on the hinges.

You can choose to have your faux wood blinds stained to match the existing trim in your home or business for a truly seamless appearance. You may instead have your faux wood blinds painted in any color you wish to blend in with your decor or to add a pop of bright and interesting color to your windows. Faux wood blinds resist warping, cracking, bowing, and fading even when they are exposed to bright sunlight through your windows constantly. Faux wood blinds often have a sleek and beautiful crown valance at the top to hide the stack of your blinds when they are fully opened.

What Makes Us Different

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Faux wood blinds are available in a variety of paint and wood grain finishes to accent any decor.
Call Desert Window is devoted to providing a quality of service different from others.
We believe everyone deserves to experience elegance at an affordable cost.
We truly care about our customers and the quality we provide you with.

Faux Wood Blinds Features

Style meets flexibility and affordability with faux wood blinds.
Faux wood blinds can be made out of composite, PVC, vinyl, or even foam wood.
These blinds can be cordless, removing the risk of pets or young children getting tangled.
Fauxwood blinds are well-suited for all rooms, especially bathrooms and kitchens with their moisture-resistant and durable slats.
A top choice for low-cost window and door treatments, these luxe-looking louvers won’t break your budget.
Easy to clean.
Created from high-quality, man-made PVC materials, faux wood window blinds are a great investment for your home.
Child-safe, cordless control that eliminates cords for safety
Great insulation for lower energy bills!
Available with motorization for added safety and convenience.
Ability to control the amount of light entering a room.

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We create custom faux wood blinds for your home or business to add a sense of calming comfort to any space. At Desert Window Wear, we offer you a complete turnkey process for your custom window treatments in Tucson, AZ. We excel in specialty-shaped windows, and we can fit your faux wood blinds perfectly no matter what size or shape your windows are. Our Tucson faux wood blinds are of the highest quality materials to be long-lasting products. We also guarantee all of our products and services to you, as we have for the past 35 years as your premier window treatment company in Tucson. Contact us today for a FREE in-home or in-business consultation and estimate from a talented designer!

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