How to Layer Window Treatments: Three Creative Tips

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The various types of window treatments are great at transforming spaces on their own. However, layering them together opens up new layers of elegance, style, and functionality.

Beyond the aesthetics, layering your window treatments is a great way to enjoy increased privacy, better light control, and improved energy efficiency. However, you need to be careful with the layering to avoid a sizable chunk of your interior décor budget on window treatments you’ll want to pull down a few days later.

As the leading choice for premium window treatments in Tucson, AZ, we know how to layer window treatments. Below, we share three creative tips that will guarantee outstanding results for you.

1. Choose a Center Piece

What do you want people to see first when they enter your space? If you want your curtains to be the main visual interest, you need to ensure the base layer will fade into the background.

For example, bold curtains and muted or wood-colored shutters will give you the results you’re going for better than bold curtains paired with even bolder valances.

2. Do More with Smart Budgeting

Are you wondering about how to layer window treatments on a budget? It’s as simple as striking the right balance between custom and ready-made treatments. You can choose custom treatments for hard-to-miss windows and use ready-made treatments elsewhere.

3. Choose the Layering Options with Functionality in Mind

Why are you installing the window treatment? Do you want to make the atmosphere cozier or more energy-efficient? Do you want better privacy? Knowing what you’re going for before you choose the window treatments is the best way to avoid costly errors.

Here are some examples of perfect layering combinations:

Drapery and Roman Shades

This combination works well for living rooms and bedrooms. Drapery and Roman shades can bring more warmth to any space.

The combination is energy-efficient and gives you more granular control over the amount of light you’re letting into the room. For the best look, ensure the drapery is floor length and wider than the windows.

Shades and Sheer Drapery

Layering these soft window treatments works best for rooms you’d like to brighten up. The combination will make any space feel spacious and airy.

Leave the shades open while using the sheer drapery, and you can enjoy some natural light without letting in too much sunlight. Closing the drapery and lowering the shades will give you more privacy.

Valances and Curtains

This combination will give your space a sophisticated and finished appearance. The combination of blackout curtains and valances will also keep light from disrupting your sleep.

Transform Your Home with Smart Window Treatment Layering

Layered window treatments are an excellent way to make any room more comfortable, versatile, and elegant. With the tips above, you’ll love the finished look you’ll achieve!

Do you need further guidance on how to layer window treatments? Are you thinking of adding transitional window treatments to the mix? We can help!

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