How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost in 2023?

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Indoor plantation shutters are special window treatments that display timeless beauty and style in any home. They are highly efficient to save you on energy bills, extremely customizable, and available in different materials and finishes to match any decor you may have in your house. They have clean, sleek likes when mounted inside the window frame to match your home’s style.

Interior shutters have a lifetime guarantee, so they won’t need to be replaced soon, and they also add value to your property. Plantation shutters cost depends on the size, materials, customization, and geographic location, among other factors. We can break down the cost factors, so you can get an idea of an approximate price for adding elegance to your home with plantation shutters.


Types of Plantation Shutters

You can choose your shutter materials from three main types: vinyl, composite, and wood. Vinyl and composite shutters are the least expensive alternatives when compared to real hardwood, which is the most traditional composition. 

Vinyl and PVC shutters are lightweight and easy to install. The upkeep on these shutters makes for easy maintenance, and they are durable in humid climates. The color you choose can’t be changed, though.

Faux wood shutters are made from many different materials, with MDF composite being the most popular. This type of shutter is mold and mildew resistant and very sturdy that works well in humid areas.

Traditional hardwood shutters may be made of basswood, laminate wood, Cedarwood, or alder. Wood shutters can be repainted or stained to change their color in the future if you wish, but since they are natural wood, they can warp in humid areas over time.

7 Factors Affecting Plantation Shutter Costs

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Several factors play into the amount that plantation shutters cost.

Size and Dimensions

One of the determining factors in the price of shutters is the size and dimensions of your windows. It stands to reason that larger windows will require more materials and the price will increase.

Material Quality

The quality of the materials you choose also plays an important role in the final price of shutters for a window. The price will also be higher for higher quality materials that will last longer.

Customization and Design

The level of customization plays a role in the cost as well. If you choose a paint or stain color the window treatment company offers as standard colors, the price will be less than if you choose a custom color they need to have mixed to match other items in your color palette or the trim work in your home.


Shutter installation costs vary as well because it takes much longer to install large plantation shutters on a sliding glass door than it does to install them on a small window. In this aspect, time is money. Professional installation is usually built into the total cost to install all the shutters you choose.

Number of Shutters

The overall number of windows for shutters you have installed will also affect the total price for getting custom shutters in your home. You can have the entire house done at once or a few rooms to split the costs.


Labor costs are usually built into the shutters’ total installation price. Professional companies may have a lower labor rate due to more experienced personnel in window treatments who work faster than newbies.

Geographic Location

Depending on where you live, the geographic location makes a difference on shutter prices. If you live in an area where the cost of living is high, such as New York City, your overall cost for shutters will be more expensive due to the economic impact in that area. Rural areas tend to be less expensive, where materials may be easier to secure and fabrication and installation labor may be less expensive.

DIY vs. Professional Installation

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A knowledgeable DIY homeowner can install shutters; however, some many calculations and adjustments are not very straightforward. Shutters must be fitted to the windows and doors perfectly to open, close, and operate properly. Just a mere .25 inch off in one direction, and you will need to uninstall them and start over. It’s generally a better idea to leave the installation of shutters to the professionals, who can ensure they are perfect in every manner.

Additional Cost Considerations

A few other items can increase the cost of custom shutters and their installation.

Hardware and Accessories

You can choose upgraded versions of accessories, such as a hidden tilt bar and motorization. Some of the hardware, such as knobs and screws, are also more expensive than others depending on what materials they are made from.

Maintenance and Warranty

The longer warranty and maintenance plan you have on your shutters, the more expensive it is. The best and highest quality shutters offer a lifetime warranty because they stand behind their products as a reputable company, believing them to be sturdy enough to last forever.

Are Plantation Shutters Worth It?

Homeowners love that they can rely on their shutters for increased energy efficiency in their home at a cost that is less than replacing the windows for more efficient and upgraded windows. Plantation shutters increase your home value as a return on investment and offer beautiful and timeless curb appeal, and they are easier to clean than drapery that would need to be dry-cleaned. You can have perfect privacy with the slats closed and a full outside view with no obstructions when you open them.


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If you are looking for a timeless and classic window treatment that will stand the test of time, look absolutely spectacular in any room of your home and give you energy efficiency, you should consider plantation shutters. They can be customized in any manner you wish, fit any size or shape of window, and look very appealing in specialty-shaped windows to showcase them.

It’s a good idea to formulate a budget first and then work with a professional window treatment company such as Desert Window Wear to see which shutters fit your budget and what they will cost you. Contact us today for more information on plantation shutters. Contact us today and let us help you with your shutter decisions and have something for everyone’s budget.

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