Understanding Today’s Most Popular Window Covering Options

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Your choice of window treatments can massively affect the look and feel of any room. With so many options available today, it can be overwhelming trying to choose the best window coverings to suit your style, needs, and budget. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the most popular and trendy window-covering choices dominating home fashion right now.

Current Favorites in Window Treatments

Homeowners today are opting for window treatments that make a statement while still being functional and affordable. Here are some of the top styles that are gaining popularity this year:

Fashionable Shades

Roller shades and Roman shades are back in a big way, providing privacy along with stylish good looks. Soft, neutral fabrics like linen are popular for a relaxed vibe, while bold patterns and colors like geometric prints or rich hues add drama. Motorized shades offer convenience, allowing adjustable control from remotes or even voice activation.

Roller shades | Popular Window Covering Options

Stylish Shutters

Both interior and exterior shutters are preferred by homeowners wanting a clean, tailored look. Interior shutters can be sized to fit windows perfectly and tilted open and closed. Exterior shutters add visual appeal and protection. Composite synthetic shutters offer durability and little maintenance.

shutters | Popular Window Covering Options

Trendy Textured Blinds

For a contemporary edge, textured blinds like woven woods, faux woods, and stained wood blinds are in demand. They filter light beautifully while making a unique style statement. Handsome woven reed and grass cloth blinds offer natural texture. Sleek metal blinds in colors like bronze, steel, or oil-rubbed bronze complement modern décor.

blinds | Popular Window Covering Options

Additional Top Options for Windows

Along with the latest top picks in shades, shutters, and blinds, some classic coverings remain go-to choices for their beauty and versatility:

  • Stylish drapes in lush fabrics still reign supreme when you want to add fullness and drama around windows.
  • Pair them with sleek blinds for the best of both worlds.
  • Natural bamboo shades are eco-friendly options that layer well with curtains. Match bamboo tones and textures throughout a room for a serene, spa-like environment.
  • Sheer curtains allow light in while still offering privacy. Linen or cotton overlays provide airy elegance. For blackouts, choose richer, opaque fabrics.
  • Custom coverings like pleated, cellular, or honeycomb shades provide insulation along with beauty. Their form-fitting style hugs windows for optimal function and appearance.

Design Inspiration for Window Coverings

Some top tips when planning window treatments for your home:

  • For contemporary flair, opt for streamlined shutter slats, sleek cords, or hidden lifting mechanisms. Frame windows with wide casing trim for dramatic impact.
  • Play with color! Don’t be afraid to go for bold hues on shades or drapes to create an accent wall with rich visual appeal.
  • In nurseries or kids’ rooms, use whimsical curtains with cute characters, or go for adjustable shades to control lighting and nap time.
  • For bedrooms and baths, consider soft Roman shades, breezy curtains, or bamboo tones for a relaxing spa vibe.
  • In living areas and kitchens, blend different textures like sheer and woven, or combine shades and drapes for depth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trending Window Treatments

Some current favorites include natural woven shades, stylish shutters, sleek metal or faux wood blinds, Roman shades in modern prints and colors, and motorized shades for convenience.

It’s generally best to have window treatments either complement or match the style of your home and overall interior design for a cohesive look. However, window coverings may be a canvas to showcase your unique style. Do not be afraid to bring those bold, vivid design ideas to life!

Consider the room’s purpose and lighting needs. For instance, bedrooms may benefit from room darkening shades, while kitchens and baths need moisture-resistant window treatments. Size and window placement also determine the ideal coverings.

Function and Style - a Balance of Everything

In choosing new window coverings, their complementation to your home’s architecture, interior design, and personal style preferences are some things to consider. The most popular options today balance form and function with aesthetics and visual interest. Whether you favor breezy linens, bold patterns, natural wood tones, or sleek metallics, options are limitless.

If you’re looking to upgrade your home’s window coverings with today’s most popular and fashionable options, contact the experts at Desert Window Wear. Our experienced design consultants can help you select the ideal treatments to complement your décor and lifestyle. Call or visit our Tucson showroom today to get started designing your dream windows!

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