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The future is now at Desert Window Wear, and we’re leading the charge toward high tech convenience and modern smart homes with window treatments featuring quiet, efficient, effortlessly gliding motorization for Tucson home and business owners. Motorization has been around for a while but has improved dramatically in recent years with quieter, smoother operation and the ability to sync the position of blinds and shades with sunrise, sunset, noon, or midnight to achieve the perfectly timed view, amount of light, light diffusion, and energy efficiency. Motorization is the ultimate convenience for efficiently controlling your environment, and the addition of voice command control with smart homes takes that convenience one step further.

Motorized window blinds and window shades are a convenience you’ll appreciate, and the effect of all of your window blinds or shades rising to reveal the desert sky or view is a mesmerizing and memorable sight for guests and will create a tranquil and pleasant surrounding for you. When it comes to pricing, selection, cutting-edge style, and the ultimate custom installation, Desert Window Wear cannot be beaten, and we’re also the leader in new technology in the motorization of window blinds in the Tucson area.

High-Tech Convenience

Desert Window Wear is the intelligent choice for smart homes and window treatment motorization in Tucson and Southern Arizona.

Motorization And Automation Can Lower Your Utility Bills

Shading your rooms from the desert sun can lead to lower utility bills and establish a sense of style in your home unique to you and your needs. Motorized window treatments are a unique blending of science and art that every home or business owner should take advantage of. With the ability to control the raising, lowering, or adjustment of your blinds with a remote, or even from a phone or tablet while away from your property, motorization can shield your interior rooms from the peak times of the sun's heat, saving your air conditioner work and saving you money. Motorized blinds and shades are beneficial and popular in commercial settings and office buildings, where energy efficiency, shade, privacy, and security are all enhanced by user-friendly, sleek, and smooth modern motorization.

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