Upgrade Your Kitchen’s Look with Roman Shades: Ideas and Design Tips

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It’s important to have good lighting control in the kitchen to be able to see what you are doing, such as cooking, reading recipes and washing dishes. Natural sunlight is a huge helper in the kitchen area and most kitchen windows have countertops, cabinets and sinks, which dictates that your window treatments of choice should be the correct height and size with an inside mounting position to save space. In this article, discover the benefits and various design options to find the perfect Roman shades for kitchen windows.

Roman shades are a perfect fit for a kitchen window because you can raise them up while you are busy in this area of the home, and they won’t get soiled or splashed with food or water. Choosing an easy-care fabric and simplistic style for your Roman shades in the kitchen will ensure that you can launder them at home for worry-free window treatments.

Roman Shades for Kitchen

Why Choose Roman Shades for Your Kitchen?

Roman shades work exceptionally well for kitchen windows, whether you have one small window or several larger windows.

Versatility and Style

Roman shades are made of fabric and considered a soft window treatment. They blend in well with any type of decor you have in your kitchen and soften the hard and straight lines of countertops, cabinets and floors. Roman shades will complement your decor no matter what style your kitchen is.

Light Control and Privacy

Roman shades are fully adjustable in raising and lowering them to any height you wish. Raise them part way for some sunlight while still blocking out heat from the sun and glare, or close them entirely for perfect privacy while you drink your morning cup of coffee. You can open them entirely for pure natural sunlight to stream into your windows, so you won’t need artificial lighting.

Easy Maintenance and Cleanin

Choose a fabric that you can wash at home for the easiest care and maintenance of your Roman shades. Some options are cotton, linen, polyester, and nylon. The flat Roman shade looks like a flat sheet of fabric when it’s closed, and it makes tidy horizontal folds when it is raised. This is the easiest style of Roman shade for home cleaning with no embroidery or lining. 

Vacuum the shade on both sides with it down using a brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner every one to two weeks to remove dust, pollen, and debris. If something is splashed on the shade, use a solution of water with a few drops of dish soap and blot the area with a micro fiber cloth to remove it.

Kitchens tend to have odors from cooking that fabric window coverings will absorb, and washing them will remove the odors and freshen them up. About once a year, remove your Roman shades from the window and take the dowels out for deep cleaning. You can then soak it in the washer for about a half hour in mild laundry detergent and wash them. After washing them, spread them out on a flat surface and allow them to dry completely before putting the dowels back in and re-hanging them.

Space-Saving and Functional

Enjoy the beauty of your Roman shades that appear much like a valance at the top of the window when they are raised. They are space-saving because they are mounted inside the window frame and don’t extend below the windowsill or over the sides of the window.

Roman Shades for Kitchens: Tips & Tricks

Roman Shades

You have several things to consider to choose the right Roman shades for your kitchen.

Consider the Kitchen's Overall Style and Color Scheme

If your kitchen is a distinct room of its own and doesn’t interconnect with a dining room or living room, you have more latitude in choosing your style and color for a kitchen Roman shade. If it does connect with another room, then the type of window covering can vary, but the color scheme should be the same for all the windows.

Selecting The Right Fabric and Pattern

If you have little heat and sunlight pouring in your kitchen windows in the warmest part of the day, you can opt for a sheer fabric that will let filtered light come inside even when it is lowered. 

You can choose from hundreds of patterns, colors and themes for your kitchen. Culinary styles of fabric are an option to lighten up the mood in the kitchen. A neutral fabric with a colorful stripe in the same color as your cabinet tops works quite well also. You can also choose a bright solid color to add a bit of whimsy to your kitchen.

Sizing and Measuring Tips for Proper Fit

Windows are not all perfectly rectangular in homes. You should measure your window for Roman shades, as the professionals do. Use a metal tape measure and measure inside the window frame for the width at the top, center and bottom of the window frame. For the height, measure inside the frame at the left, center and right. Use the smallest measurement for both the width and height for your new Roman shades.

Cordless or Motorized Options for Convenience and Safety

If your kitchen windows are quite large, it makes it so much more convenient to have them in either a cordless or motorized operation. It’s also a great safety feature so children and pets can’t get entangled in dangling cords and get injured. 

Using a cordless or motorized operation allows you to quickly raise and lower your shades without tugging on a cord, which can sometimes raise shades crooked. This is helpful because you are most likely doing something in the kitchen with your hands and these options are quicker. Corded window treatments over a kitchen sink will have the cords hanging down onto the countertop, taking up part of your space and getting dirty, which can be significant in a small kitchen.


Roman Shades for Kitchen Windows

Upgrade your kitchen with timeless and beautiful Roman shades in an easy-care style and fabric, with the great benefits of both lighting control and perfect privacy. Custom Roman shades give you literally thousands of looks to choose from with many different fabrics, patterns, colors and themes, so you are sure to find something you fall in love with. Upgrade your kitchen with Roman shades and call us today at Desert Window Wear.

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