Four Types of Window Blinds For Your Tucson Windows

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Window blinds give you great lighting control because you can leave them closed to block out heat and sunlight, tilt the vanes for filtered light or open them entirely for a great view outside that isn’t marred. Modern blinds are made of different materials, so you are sure to find one that you truly love for your home or business.


Types of Window Blinds Material



Wood blinds are beautiful and classy in any window or door of your home. They have wood grain that contains whorls and swirls, which are highlighted by your choice of color in a stain or any paint color you can imagine.


Faux Wood

Faux wood blinds look almost identical to real wood blinds, but they are manmade. You can have them stained or painted in any color you wish to match your decor and color palette.



Vinyl blinds have vanes that are made of softer material than real wood or faux wood. They soften the appearance of rooms with straight lines to add balance, and they look more modern too.



Metal blinds are the least expensive option in window blinds. They are what you think of when you imagine the original types of mini blinds with a metallic finish.


Types of Window Blinds


Wood Blinds


Wood blinds are made from sustainable hardwood trees, and they are most often stained in a color to match other items in your home. You can match them to your cabinetry, wood flooring, or your trim work in your home to have an autonomous and blended feel to all of your rooms. Natural hardwood blinds have a timeless appeal that you won’t need to replace soon, as they are always in style, and they pair well with other window treatments for layering.


Hardwood blinds do have a few drawbacks because they don’t hold up well in areas of high humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens. In these areas, they will eventually bend, warp or discolor from the moisture and the sun’s UV rays over time.


These types of blinds are not moisture resistant in any manner, so they are harder to keep clean without the use of any liquids at all, although you may spot clean splashes on them with a slightly damp washcloth to remove blemishes immediately.


Faux Wood Blinds


Faux wood blinds are manmade of polymer materials, but they are almost identical to wood blinds in appearance. They still give you the look and feel of real hardwood blinds. They are treated with specialized materials, so they can hold up to areas of high humidity and moisture in bathrooms and kitchens. They will perform under these circumstances very well and will resist warping, bending, bowing, breaking, or discoloring. You can also keep faux wood blinds glistening for many years to come because if something is spilled on them, you can actually take them down and wash them in the bathtub or take them outside and wash them off with the garden hose, and this will cause them no harm whatsoever.


Vinyl/Composite Blinds


Vinyl and composite blinds have the same coating on them as a slick finish. This makes them very easy to keep clean by using a feather duster on them on both sides with the blinds down and the vanes closed. If you get something splashed on them, you can wet them to wipe them off, making these a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms that have splash zones. You have a choice from many different colors, patterns, and textures in vinyl and composite blinds.


These types of blinds do not insulate your windows as well as wood or faux wood blinds, so they are not as energy efficient to save you money on your heating and cooling bills.


Metal Blinds


Metal blinds or aluminum blinds as they are often called, are the least expensive type of window blinds. They are affordable for any home, and they work well in any window or door of your choice. They are easy to keep clean, and modern metal blinds now come in many different colors in the Precious Metal line of Hunter Douglas blinds which are perfect for high-traffic areas in your home. They hold up very well to children and pets, with a wide variety of colors and patterns from which to choose. You can add decorative tapes to them, and choose from three different vane sizes to customize them.


If metal blinds are broken, they will have sharp edges which are unsafe for children to be around. Metal blinds also don’t have the rich appearance of other types of blinds made of hardwood or faux wood.


Where to Shop For Window Blinds in Tucson AZ


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