4 Window Coverings that Will Keep Your Home Looking Its Best

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Window coverings are extensions of your walls, determining how you access your windows. If you want impenetrable curtains to bar prying eyes, transparent shades for optimal sunshine, or something more advanced or automatic, research the available products.

Dressers and nightstands are more than compartments for your clothes. Similarly, window blinds or shutters shouldn’t just be something you pull down in the middle of the day when there’s a glare on the TV, so don’t stick to choosing the first obtainable material you see. Keep reading to learn about the top four window coverings below. 

The Top 3 Benefits of Installing Window Coverings

Before delving into the top four window coverings for the most popular household setups or resident preferences, you should understand that blinds and curtains are more than just about opaqueness.

1. Bringing a Room’s Style Together

Fabric curtains or shades match cloth couches, lamp shades, and carpets by color and pattern. Likewise, faux wood blinds or shutters complement hardwood floors and a more rustic layout. Despite your choice, keep the design simple for a minimalistic, chic approach, or let that be your splash of color that contrasts the bare walls or open floor plan. 

2. Creating Illusions

The right window treatments in Tucson do more than soften the angular edges of a room or add them for definition. For rooms with a low ceiling, hang drapes that span the entire wall height to give the illusion of the ceiling being further up. Curtains or shades fit above the window frames and pull your glance upward just as wide window coverings visually expand a room’s width. 

3. Adding Focal Points

If you have a window overlooking a corner breakfast nook or dining room, make it the focal point by adding a traditional lambrequin design. It’ll create a movie theater screen feel with structural edges. Artwork printed on roller blinds also attract attention, sometimes creating a better view than what’s sitting outside your window. 

Considerations for Choosing the Right Window Coverings

After deciphering your home layout and size, existing colors and styles, and aesthetic preferences, it’s time to choose the appropriate window coverings. At Desert Window Wear, your leading window treatment store in Tucson, Arizona since 1987, we’ll guide you to have a comfortable home. 

4 Different Types of Window Coverings Best for Your Home in Tucson

Tucson, Arizona homeowners should take note: when you choose the window coverings for your home, you are making an investment in comfort, privacy, and style.

Properly chosen window treatments can provide great benefits such as improved insulation, light control, and increased safety – all while delivering a stunning aesthetic that reflects your personal taste. Whether you’re looking to make a statement or simply accentuate the unique characteristics of each room in your house, it’s important to consider product quality and design elements before committing to one particular window covering option.

From shades and shutters to blinds and motorization, we will guide you through your window covering options so you can decide which type is best suited for each room of your home.

Roller Shades - Graber

1. Shades

Shades are versatile enough for any room or home, from sheer shades with light-filtered fabric and subtle texture to woven shades that use wood, reeds, and grasses to block out light. We also have decorative and minimalistic roller shades, stacked roman shades for texture, and honeycomb designs for energy-saving insulation. 

Wood Composite Shutters

2. Shutters

No desert climate in Tucson is complete without window treatment products like plantation shutters. Custom wood shutters include natural slats and frames you can paint or stain, but for more water and UV-ray resistance, opt for composite plantation shutters that are stronger with a wooden appearance. 

Horizontal Vinyl Blinds

3. Blinds

Blinds filter light while adding sleek architectural lines. Natural, painted, or stained blinds create a classic and textured appearance, but for an organic feel minus humidity warping, go for the more affordable faux wood or composite blinds. Industrial metal blinds are more durable and a favorite among commercial properties, especially since they come in numerous colors. 

Motorized Window Treatments - Norma

4. Motorization

If you have a large home with too many windows to manage, consider motorized blinds and other window coverings of any type, style, or opaqueness with remote or electronic controls. Set them all on a timer to draw them closed in peak sunlight hours for immediate room darkening, or control just a few of them when you’re on the go. 

Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Cleaning methods vary depending on the type of material or finish your window coverings have. For instance, wood and faux wood blinds and shutters are as sensitive as wood furniture, so use a microfiber or lightly chemically-treated cloth to wipe the slats and frames free of dust. Lightly dampen the cloth for stuck-on grime or stubborn dirt, but be careful not to drench it before letting it air dry.

You can also use light cleaning solutions or a moist cloth to clean metal, vinyl, or aluminum blinds. For thicker dust layers on these or fabric curtains, use a brush tool or the hose on your vacuum as a faster method.

Get Ready to Experience the Magic of Window Coverings!

Whether you’re keeping out or letting in the hot Tuscan sun or working on your home’s feng shui, you need not only the appropriate window covering types but the appropriate color, texture, and style. 

If you need 30 years of expertise to help you make these decisions, count on our licensed and insured team of pros at Desert Window Wear. We’ll come to you and offer design choices and competitive pricing. Contact us for the top window coverings company in Tucson, AZ, today!

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