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Wood Blinds in Tucson

Custom-made hardwood blinds have a beauty that is unsurpassed in window blinds. The beautiful wood grain is accented by the stain color, so you can see the design in the natural wood. Wood blinds generally have wider vanes than horizontal blinds made of other materials, such as aluminum. The wider vanes make your Tuscon wood blinds stand out and look much more like wood shutters. Larger vanes also give you a better view out of your windows to the outside world when they are rotated open.

Hardwood blinds are the most durable and long-lasting window blinds that you can find as custom window treatments in Tucson, AZ. They also give you great lighting control and energy efficiency, and they block out the hot summer sun and glare. Custom blinds can be made to fit any size and shape of windows you may have to make your specialty windows the focal point in your rooms.

What Makes Us Different

Your Local Wood Blinds Installer Company In Tucson

Made-to-measure wooden blinds are stylish and best complement your facility.
Wide Selection—choose from the rough luxe of a wire-brush finish or the classic look of smooth-finish paints and stains.
Safety + Sophistication—the cordless options make for a timeless look while providing tangle-free operation.

Wooden Blinds Features

The beauty of our wooden blinds is that they work in virtually any room.
Wooden blinds can also be used to accent design themes from natural decor to contemporary aesthetics.
Wood blinds are offered in many styles and customizations.
Wood blinds are low maintenance and highly durable.
Wood blinds add a rich warmth to any room.
Wood blinds are a great way to add warmth, privacy, and light control to sleeping spaces.
Child-safe, cordless control that consolidates cords for safety
Wood is an excellent insulator, and wooden blinds are one of the most insulating blind options.
Wood blinds offer some great features, including adjustable slats for light and privacy control.

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