Wood Plantation Shutters For Your Tucson Home

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New construction around Tucson nowadays often features arched, triangular, and uniquely shaped windows that do not easily lend themselves to traditional window covering methods and solutions but are a perfect fit for easily adaptable wood plantation shutters. Wood plantation shutters can easily be cut and seamlessly installed by a professional to fit any shaped window, and the ability to stain or paint wood plantation shutters offers bountiful opportunities to add your style sense to the mix.

When it comes to customized window coverings, Desert Window Wear maintains the highest levels of customer satisfaction because we bring our showroom to you, where you can see for yourself how the textures, colors, and materials complement or fit your overall home interior design vision. We’re the leading source of shutters in Tucson, and you’ll not find a more extensive selection of wood plantation shutters and composite plantation shutters anywhere else in Arizona.

Fully customized wood plantation shutters by Desert Window Wear perfectly compliment Mission, Western, Country, Desert Chic, Western, Hacienda, Pueblo, and/or Ranch design schemes, plus they can also be painted for more modern, contemporary window treatments.

Versatile Wood Plantation Shutters Can Be Classic Or Modern

Plantation shutters were around long before glass windows and were originally installed on the outside to keep the weather out while still allowing cool breezes to flow through. The extreme desert heat of the Arizona desert makes wood plantation shutters an excellent choice for thoroughly blocking or limiting the sunlight entering your space while allowing for adjustable, louvered control for ventilation, privacy, and light diffusion. Basswood and other woods commonly used for modern shutters are lightweight for easy operation yet solid and sturdy for long-lasting durability.

Wood plantation shutters with broader slats present a more traditional appearance, while thinner slats offer a more contemporary feel. They can be stained or sealed to bring out the beauty of the natural wood, or they can be painted in bold colors to make a modern statement or painted with more neutral tones for a style statement somewhere in the middle. There are so many options for grains, stains, colors, and slat and frame sizes and shapes that you’ll need a guide, and that is where Desert Window Wear comes in. Whatever your choice, wooden plantation shutters offer you a seamless, bespoke fit for any sized windows and the opportunity to make your windows’ style entirely your own.

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